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What to eat before a BJJ tournament

What to eat before a BJJ tournament: You should eat green vegetables and fruits that are low-fiber and high in carbs. Eating good food improves your health, body composition, and performance.
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A perfect diet includes an accurate proportion of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. Make sure that you do not exceed the intake of any diet competition to avoid any uncomfortable situation during the fight. Try to have some best sources of protein, carbohydrates, and fats. If you have a time shortage then you can take eggs or milk otherwise you can eat the meat especially fish which provides a larger quantity of protein.

What to eat before a BJJ tournament

If you are looking for long-term energy then you can also take some carbohydrates and some sources of fats. In this way, your stomach will remain filled and you can exceptionally play on the BJJ mats. The quantity of each diet component also matters to actively performing in the BJJ competitions. If you take some extra quantity of protein via cheese, peanut butter, or another heavy source of protein then you will not be active during the game and you can feel dizzy. Similarly, avoid the intake of heavy oil foods because both fats and oil take greater time to digest.

Carbohydrates are also referred to as saccharides, they are simple sugars. Just like fats and proteins, your body also needs a sufficient amount of carbohydrates. The main source of carbohydrates is bread, and fruits like grapes, pineapple, plums, bananas etc. So, if you are going to eat any food then be aware of the effective and controlled quantity that will not affect your performance.

Try to eat some normal carbohydrates and prevent the excessive consumption of carbohydrates e.g. fast sugar foods. Otherwise, you will not feel better and more efficient in competing and you can also suffer from a sugar crash that happens when sugar intake exceeds the normal value and then suddenly drops.

If you have 4 to 5 hours before your first match then you can take a medium-sized meal. But if just 2 to 3 hours are left, then you can go for a small snack of carbohydrates. Make sure that you do not have the intake of any food within an hour of the match as your body will not have sufficient time for complete digestion and that incomplete digestion will trouble you during the fight.

Solid food items always take more time to digest so you can also take the smoothies or any kind of blended and soft meals. You can have a bowl of fruits or can make a smoothie of your desired fruits. With this, you will not only feel filled but also enjoy the delicious recipes. Fruit selection for smoothies is also very important as some fruits have a large amount of citric acid e.g., orange. Excess citric acid can harm your body if you take it on an urgent basis for your fight. Also, avoid taking protein smoothies or any other type that has any stuffed component.

Prevent the Dehydration

To perform better in BJJ competitions, your body must remain hydrated. If your body faces dehydration then you cannot effectively participate in the competition and your body will not feel any kind of energy so it’s better to keep a water bottle with you through the game. For a complete day, 7 to 8 glasses of water are recommended. But for the BJJ competitions, there is a specific recommended value for water intake

  • 8 – 12oz 1 hour before the fight
  • 16oz 2-3 hours before the fight
  • 4oz just before the fight

Before the fight, the recommended water intake is comparatively low while after the fight you can easily drink plenty of water.

You can also take milk before and after the fight. Instead of just having the water, you can have a tasty drink with a source of protein and some minerals. But make sure that you take a balanced quantity of drinks because it also takes a longer time to be processed by your stomach. If your next match is after enough time, then in that case you can drink the milk.

Before the night of your competition, you can have your desired meal that will refresh your mood and also provide you the energy. You can have a plate of pasta, pizza lasagna, or anything else based on your mood.

If you are making some essential changes in your diet then you can easily acquire your success goals in jiu-jitsu.

The most important part is the selection of food and the timings that you have to eat to perform better in BJJ competitions. Identifying the effective time for food intake is highly beneficial in getting the best outcomes in BJJ competitions.

10 best food intake for BJJ competitors

1. Intake of vegetables

Always try to add vegetables to your diet especially green leafy vegetables as they are a rich source of minerals, fibers as well and healthy fibers that are also effective for digestion. You can add salads to your meal such as tomatoes, cabbage, lettuce, sprouts, cabbage as well as beetroots. Make sure to have all these salads in your diet so that ultimately your stomach will thank you. Vegetables are also devoid of calories so you can have their intake without worrying about your health.

2. Avoid the excessive intake of sugars

In the case of externally packed items, make sure to read the labels. Try to avoid processed foods or foods with high sugar intake such as candies, chocolates, pastries, etc. if you want to protect your body from lethal diseases such as diabetes. You can take fruits that contain fructose sugar that can be easily used as it is not processed and is considered healthy due to its natural source.

3. Don’t use the Carbonated Beverages

If you are taking the carbonated drinks before the competition then you can experience bloating, gas, or any other indigestion problems. You will feel uncomfortable while putting in your efforts during the BJJ competitions.

Along with all carbonated beverages, alcohol is also not good for your body as the excessive intake of alcohol before or even after the competition can lead to dehydration and can also disturb your cognitive functions so you will not remain in your senses to effectively perform at BJJ tournaments. However, you can have some dose after your competition to celebrate your success.

Similarly, avoid the intake of spicy foods as excessive intake of spicy foods can lead to various digestion problems during the BJJ tournaments.

You don’t need to have indigestion problems only if you eat spicy foods. Various people experience digestive issues with the intake of dairy products such as butter, cheese, or even milk. So, if you have any such issues avoid then avoid the use of dairy items.

4. Wholegrain Cereals

If you want the continuous flow of energy then you can add wholegrain cereals or oats as you will remain fuller for a longer period. Your digestive system will also be protected due to the high fiber intake in the cereals. Ultimately you will not experience bloating or any other indigestion issue.

5. Lean Meat source

For better muscle development, you can enjoy lean meat sources such as turkey, chicken, lamb as well and beef.

If we consider the fish then salmon fish should be your ideal choice as it is a rich source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids.

 You can also rely on avocados as your energy source. You can take the avocados before and after the BJJ competition. If you combine Avocados with protein and carbohydrates then you can grab more energy.

6. Sweet Potatoes

Before the BJJ competitions, you can prepare your body and stomach with sweet potatoes as they are also enriched with all essential nutrients and carbohydrates. Iron, potassium, magnesium, beta carotene as well and Vitamin C are present in sweet potatoes in greater quantity.

If we talk about the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu then you cannot ignore the food items especially talking about the health of BJJ athletes.

7. Gracie Diet

The most renowned family of BJJ, Gracie also believes that an effective and better diet improves athletic performance on the mats. Among all the Gracies, Carlos Gracie believes that there is a strong connection between the food and the athlete. Better food can provide more strength to the fighter which assists him in achieving success.

Gracies have been effectively focusing on their diet as they always prefer whole foods only. This diet shows quite a resemblance to the paleo diet but the difference lies in the presence of fruits and vegetables in the diet. The proportion of fruits and vegetables in their diet is approximately 60%. They take the protein from chicken, fish, seafood, grains, nuts cereals, etc.

Although Gracie’s diet is nutritious and healthy there is a choice for BJJ athletes to select this diet or not.  Those athletes who can rely only on whole foods should opt for this diet otherwise those athletes who cannot cut down the red meat should avoid the intake of this diet.

After their intake, your stomach will surely feel fuller for a longer period. Sweet potatoes also contain glucose so your body will grab the energy from it.

8. Intake of Supplements

If the original food source is not available to you then in that case you can use the supplements for energy sources. For effective muscle development and recovery, you can use the protein powder that is also recommended by various gym trainers. For the effective growth of lean muscles and strength, you can also take creatine and caffeine. However, their excessive intake can cause various serious problems such as increased water retention and body mass that can hinder athletic performance after reaching a certain weight class in a BJJ competition.

9. Plant-based diet in BJJ

Some athletes in the BJJ community prefer plant-based diets to fulfill the energy requirements of the body.

Nate Diaz, a top American MMA fighter has been consuming a plant-based diet for about 18 years. Nate is one of the top decorated BJJ fighters and Pro Ultimate Championship Competitor. He always credits this success to his plant-based diet.

Last Remarks

Plant-based diets are specialized diets that are rich in fiber, essential carbohydrates, and micronutrients. The best part of plant-based diets is that they contain a lower number of calories, proteins, and fats.

10. Acai

Acai is renowned as the favorite fruit of the BJJ wrestlers. This food is originated in Brazil and very popular among the entire BJJ community. BJJ fighters strongly favor the intake of Acai due to its delicious taste and nutrients that provide uncountable health benefits.

Although this fruit is widely used in Brazil this fruit has gained more popularity in Europe. Acai is rich in calories, protein, and various essential minerals such as iron. Two top fighters of the Gracie family are in strong favor of Acai and also the consumers of this beneficial fruit.

Although BJJ fighters love to take it individually but also like their mesmerizing combinations. They take it with various fruits and especially with the Guarana syrup.

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