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1 country where the sun never sets, lazy too love to go

Eliminate laziness! Have you heard of the "76 days of the Midnight Sun"? Discover the country where the sun never sets.
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Get rid of laziness! Have you ever heard of the “76 days of midnight sun”? Know about the country where the sun never sets.

This start of the year is a perfect beginning of chasing midnight sun. Wait no more, go to the country where the sun never sets

The North Pole is inclined toward our star throughout the summer because of the slanted axis of the earth’s rotation with respect to the sun. Because of this, the sun never sets over the Arctic Circle for a few weeks. The longest time of the midnight sun is experienced in Svalbard, Norway and considered one of the countries where the sun never sets

1 country where the sun never sets, travel enthusiasts never miss | island surrounded by city
1 country where the sun never sets, travel enthusiasts never miss | Photo by Tobias Bjørkli on

Our schedule is 24 hours long, with around 12 hours of daylight and the other hours being darkness. But did you know that there are regions of the planet where the sun never sets for up to 76 days straight? If even the inhabitants there get confused with no sunset for 76 consecutive days, just think how fun (or difficult) it would be for tourists to keep track of time! You did read that correctly.

The country where the sun never sets, Norway and other famous countries including Nunavut, Canada, Iceland, Barrow Alaska, Finland and Sweden. Let’s get to know more about the locations in Norway and the region of Norway where you may find the beauty of the midnight sun below.

Bodø: Olympus OM-D E-MI Mark 11 | janfinstad ?@janfinstad
Bodø: Olympus OM-D E-MI Mark 11 | janfinstad ?@janfinstad

However, in Norway during the summer, you will get company of sun 24 hours. This is a magical place where you would explores bears’ dwelling, different colours of sun and rays like rainbow. We unfold many things about Norway, few of the places are below.

During the summer, people from all over the world travel to the Artic Circle to explore and have more time to take in the scenery and go hiking to make new discoveries. However, Northern Norway is often the first place people think of when organising a midnight expedition. As a result, the majority of them thought this was exciting.

rock in between grass and flower
Country where the sun never sets Photo by kinkate Gruber on

The country where the sun never sets is Norway, lets explore it’s beautiful places

The most popular travel destinations in Northern Norway are grouped into six primary regions. These include Svalbard, Bodo, Lofted, and Vesteralen, as well as Helgeland, Bodo and Salten, Troms, and Finnmark. Each of them is created so that travellers may enjoy them according to their needs. Let’s discuss each one separately.

Bodo and Salten

This coastal route goes from the Salten to Bodo area directly to the Arctic Circle. It is referred to as a centre of intriguing locations. where you may discover a mountain range, a seashore trade station, and museums. The lovely islands Steigen, Bolga, Rodoy, and Stott are only four of many. Consequently, the most fascinating

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People consider the drive to be the most beautiful road trip in the whole globe since it takes place in this southern region of North Norway, below the Arctic Circle. You may refuel your love of communities and mountain excursions while driving. And the remaining areas where a bike is required.


For those who enjoy chasing the midnight sun, Finnmark is the ultimate destination, and North Cape is to the front. Glaciers and islands like Seiland and Soroya may be explored alone.


Tromso, a county in Troms, is sometimes referred to as “The Paris of the North.” For those who wish to learn more about the Senja Islands’ midnight sun, here is the ideal location. This area is “time-free.”


In between mainland Norway and the North Pole, there lies an island called Svalbard. You refer to it as a contemporary town where you can hang out and unwind after going on a hike or a journey and taking in the polar bears, pubs, and restaurants.

Would you planning your next tour for Norway? If yes, you must consider the list of travel things you must carry before you go there. This will help you plan your upcoming trip more successful.

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