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Why do cyclists need cycling jerseys? 11 Ultimate guide

When cycling, you must wear a cycling jersey to ride comfortably. Here are some advantages to wearing a jersey while riding a bike.
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Cycling jerseys, also known as cycling shirts or jerseys, serve several important functions for cyclists. They are specially designed garments that provide a range of benefits for riders, both in terms of comfort and performance. There are different types of cycling jerseys for men and women. Keep reading to discover some reasons why cycling jerseys are important.

Cycling jerseys are important for both daily and occasional cyclists. City riders, on the other hand, may choose to skip or purchase one. However, looking at the advantages of cycling jerseys, everyone must have them. You look like a professional rider and get more respect on the road.

If you’re new to cycling you might be interested in cycling jerseys, but are they actually worth the money? Maybe you’re self conscious about wearing tight fitting lycra whilst riding a bike, or maybe you’re unsure what type of jersey you need? Well there is a myriad of reasons why you should consider wearing one. In this video Conor explains all you need to know about road cycling jerseys.

What are the advantages of cycling jerseys, and why do you need one?

1. Moisture Management

Cycling jerseys are typically made from moisture-wicking materials that help to wick sweat away from the body. This keeps the rider dry and comfortable during a ride, preventing the accumulation of sweat that can lead to discomfort and chafing.

2. Temperature Regulation

Cycling jerseys are designed to provide adequate ventilation and breathability, helping to regulate body temperature. They often have zippered front openings and mesh panels that allow for better airflow, keeping the rider cool in hot conditions.

3. Aerodynamics

Many cycling jerseys are designed with a snug, form-fitting cut that reduces air resistance. This can help improve a rider’s aerodynamics, especially when racing or riding at higher speeds.

4. Pockets

Most cycling jerseys come equipped with three rear pockets. These pockets are convenient for storing essential items such as energy gels, a mini pump, tools, a spare tube, or a mobile phone. They allow cyclists to access these items easily without the need for a backpack.

5. Visibility

Cycling jerseys often have bright and vibrant colors, which enhance visibility on the road. This can be important for safety, especially in low-light conditions when it’s crucial for motorists to see cyclists.

6. Sun Protection

Some cycling jerseys are designed with built-in sun protection features, such as UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) fabrics, to shield the rider from harmful UV rays.

7. Comfortable Fit

Cycling jerseys are tailored to the specific body positions and movements of cyclists. They are typically longer in the back to provide full coverage when in a riding position and have shorter front sections to avoid bunching up.

8. Design and Style

Many cyclists enjoy wearing jerseys that reflect their favorite teams, brands, or personal style. The design of cycling jerseys can be both functional and a form of self-expression.

9. Visibility Features

Some cycling jerseys come with reflective elements or designs that increase visibility in low-light conditions, further enhancing safety.

10. Professionalism

For competitive cyclists, wearing a cycling jersey is often part of the overall kit that represents their team or club. It adds to the professional and unified appearance of the team.

11. Wicking of Sweat

Cycling jerseys are designed to efficiently wick sweat away from the skin, which can help prevent discomfort and chafing, especially on longer rides. It prevents skin diseases caused by excessive sweating. 


Cycling jerseys are not just a fashion statement; they are functional garments that can significantly enhance a cyclist’s comfort, performance, and safety. Whether you’re a casual rider or a competitive cyclist, investing in a good-quality cycling jersey designed for your specific riding conditions can make your cycling experience more enjoyable and efficient.

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