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One of the essential Panchakarma treatments, Virechana benefits and therapy has a long history in Vedic and Yogic Science, in my experience. I'm not sure what current allopathy is called, though. As a result, it is now the most efficient and reliable treatment for many disorders.
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My experience of Virechana benefits and therapy, one of the vital Panchakarma therapies, Virechan Therapy has a long history in Vedic and Yogic Science. However, what modern allopathy is called, I really don’t know. Therefore, it is the most effective and proven treatment for many diseases nowadays.

Virechana Meaning is simple, it cleanse your body at the cellular level and important thing is Virechana benefits a lot to the body. I have discussed my treatment in this article. When one start Ghee intake as per prescribed by the doctor, the cleansing at Cellular Level starts. Thus, last comes, post Virechana diet Plan, which helps body to complete back to normal.

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What is Virechana

As per Ayurvedic theory, Panchakarma is a field of natural medicine as per Ayurvedic and Yogic philosophy. It is widely used in the Indian subcontinent as an alternative to medicine. Around 80% of the population in India and Nepal use natural medicine. Ayurveda There are three elements in the body of which it consists; the entire nervous system. It is prescribed by the doctors when an imbalance between them happens. Based on many studies and observations, it came to a conclusion that panchakarma (five) Ayurvedic treatments help the body restore its original state of constitution.

Virechana Benefits

  • Flushes out the toxins and improves overall the performance of the body.
  • It regains the entire equilibrium of the body.
  • Cleanse out the track of gastrointestinal and its disorders.
  • Improve blood circulation and skin related issues.
  • It helps remove coughs (for those who are suffering asthma).
  • It is a proven treatment in patients who had piles, acid reflux, ulcers, pitta dosha, vitiligo etc.

The flow of Virechana Treatment

I was given 500 ml of pure cow ghee with some instructions including my diet plan. The diet was very strict and must be followed. I was advised that ghee should be taken in the early morning. The quantity of the ghee is as follows.

Quantity of Ghee per Day

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  • 1st Day: 30 ML
  • 2nd Day: 60 ML
  • 3rd Day: 90 ML
  • 4th Day: 120 ML
  • 5th Day: 150 ML

I was given this treatment in the month of October. Here in India, it was cold and hence, the doctor had told me to drink only warm water every time. The reason behind this was simple. To melt the ghee inside and keep going into the blood vessels and to reach every tissue. The motive was simple. Purification and cleanliness should happen at the cellular level successfully without any hurdles. As the doctor advised me, my diet was very simple and light.

Early morning breakfast with oats or Upama (made from wheat grains) and dinner with lentils (split lentils like yellow pigeon peas, gram beans, green lentils only) with wheat chapati or sorghum Bhakari. Therefore in the evening, dinner should be made of rice with these lentils. This diet plan follows the next five days or until you see ghee coming out in your sweat or poop. After the result came as expected on the fifth day or sixth day. The intake of ghee should be stopped and the next five days following the same diet and warm water every time.

Virechana Purgate at the cellular level cleaning

The purification happens in the body and brings all the toxin back in the stomach during these next three days. During these days one has to go under oil massage. I used sesame oil. In my case, the 100 ml warm oil was applied on my body and massaged the entire body. If you don’t have this option, I have another option.

You have to apply the whole 100 ml of warm sesame oil on your body and massage on your own as much as possible and go for a hot water bath. Do it until the oil fills the pores of your body and wipe your body softly with a cotton towel. I did this for 15 to 30 minutes daily for three consecutive days.

On my fourth day, I went to the hospital early in the morning around 8:30 with an empty stomach but before that you have to completely fill the requirement for the treatment. I was instructed to carry a warm bottle of water, a cotton handkerchief, a towel for sneha and sweden (oil massage and steam bath) and a bottle of lemon juice. I was all set. Remember, you have to have an empty stomach to remove all the toxin away from the body through aus (through poop). Hence, emtpy stomach should be there on the day when you are given lexatives.

Suddenly, I was called into a cabin with a half dozen students and a doctor, who handed me five tablets (lexatives) and said, “Remember your God.” For a moment, I was frightened. I was asked to sign a letter of no objection. Before I began, they said a mantra, and I engulfed those five tablets at a time without a hitch. I drank only three bites of water with the tablets. I felt nothing but rising tension about what would happen. I was sent to the massage department…

It was the last massage (snehan swedana) where two people massaged me with the warm sesame oil for five minutes. I really enjoyed the massage! Wait wait… They were not women, my bad luck, they were men. However, it was a more serious job, taking care of parts to parts and inch to inch, ensuring that all parts of the body were wet in oil. I just felt relaxed like never before. I suggest, one should get such a massage once a week or month at least. But when the purgation happened, you can’t imagine what had happened to me.

After exactly an hour, I was constantly monitored by the various doctors. Some used to come to keep an eye on my Blood Pressure, others were taking my pulse and putting the stethoscope on my stomach to check if the tablets had started working or not. To start inducing the power of the medicine, it took 1 and half hours. You can imagine, I had a total of 13 motions until 5:30 PM and before I was halted, I went back to my home which was almost 35 KM. I personally do not recommend travelling this much distance. As the motion could induce anytime and could cause a problem. However, I travelled. Therefore, what I did, you again won’t imagine.

Before I picked up a local transport, I visited a nearest medicine store and inquired about a man’s diapers. I wondered if I could get the one and if it is available for loose. When I asked, the shopkeeper said, buy in a pack. What would I do with them later? I had a question. I don’t want to write here what size sanitary pad I used to protect myself from loose motion.

So overall, I recommend this to all whether or not you have any diseases. This is going to help in many ways. If you have any questions, just feel free to ask me in the comment below. Find the below diet plan for the next five days.

Post Virechana Therapy Diet Plan

To get complete virechana benefits from this therapy, follow this diet plan

  1. Boil 1 cup of rice in 6 cups of water, filter it out and drink. For taste, you can give it a fry in ghee with cumin and coriander power and salt as per the taste. This diet is for the next 24 hours.
  2. Boil 1 cup of rice in 6 cups of water, filter it out. Plus, add half of the filter rice and full filtered water. Mix them together and have it for the next two days. Additionally, you can give it a fry in ghee with cumin and coriander power and salt as per the taste. This diet is for the next 24 hours or next two meals.
  3. Boil ⅓ cup of rice plus ¼ cup of green lentils together with 6 cups of water. Filter it out, Plus, add half of the filter mixer and full filtered water. Mix them together and have it for the next two days. Moreover, you can give it a fry in ghee with cumin and coriander powder and salt as per the taste. This diet is for the next 24 hours or next two meals.
  4. On the fourth day, you can eat a regular khichadi of green lentils and rice and on the fifth day, you can have your usual, favourite food.
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