Top e procurement blogs to follow in 2023

The best e procurement blogs in the globe. Let's find out which blogs provide what in terms of learning exposure.
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E procurement professionals are expanding on a daily basis; most of them are certified consultants in S4 HANA and aim to identify knowledge gaps in their day-to-day skills while dealing with client enquiries. I, too, am one of them. I’ve been using SAP applications for ten years and have written a few articles about what end users do on the sites.

Furthermore, how are buy orders converted from purchase requisitions, catalogue materials, and RFQs sent to numerous suppliers handled? It’s a tremendously intriguing profession since you get to work with worldwide clients as well as stakeholders. As a result, there is a lot of room for improvement in your communication abilities, especially email writing skills.

What is e procurement?: e-Procurement refers to the process of conducting procurement activities electronically, primarily through the use of internet-based platforms and digital technologies. It involves the electronic exchange of information and documents between buyers and suppliers for sourcing, bidding, contracting, and purchasing goods and services. By streamlining and automating procurement processes, e-Procurement aims to enhance efficiency, transparency, and cost-effectiveness in the procurement process.

I used to send an RFQ to three different suppliers and obtain the best price, quantity, and availability quotation. When we think about e procurement, the primary aim is to find new suppliers for your goods while also saving money and delivering on time.

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Here are some top e procurement blogs that provide valuable insights, trends, and best practices in the field of procurement.

Spend Matters: A leading source for procurement and supply chain news, Spend Matters covers a wide range of topics such as strategic sourcing, supplier management, and technology innovations.

Procurement Leaders: This blog offers expert analysis, research, and insights into procurement strategy, operations, and transformation. It covers a broad spectrum of procurement topics and provides practical advice for professionals.

The Procurement Blog: Run by Procurious, a social network for procurement professionals, The Procurement Blog features articles, interviews, and industry updates from thought leaders and experts in the field.

CPO Rising: Focused on chief procurement officers (CPOs) and procurement executives, CPO Rising explores trends, strategies, and technologies shaping the procurement function. The blog covers topics like digital transformation, talent management, and cost optimization.

My Purchasing Center: With contributions from procurement professionals, industry experts, and academics, My Purchasing Center offers a wide range of articles on procurement strategies, supplier relationship management, and negotiation tactics.

  1. Procurement Zen: This blog provides practical tips, tools, and resources for procurement professionals. It covers topics like contract management, spend analysis, and risk mitigation.
  2. i’mBiking Magazine: Day to day work of purchasing officers, end user, invoice verification, payment related T-codes and general guidelines for SAP consultants.
  3. Future of Sourcing: Future of Sourcing is a platform that covers procurement, sourcing, and supply chain-related topics. It features articles, interviews, and industry insights from leading practitioners and thought leaders.
  4. Art of Procurement: The Art of Procurement podcast and blog provide insights and thought leadership on procurement innovation, digital transformation, and best practices. The content includes interviews with procurement leaders and experts.
  5. The Strategic Sourceror: The Strategic Sourceror offers procurement insights, news, and advice on topics such as strategic sourcing, category management, and supply chain optimization.
  6. 11. Procurement Academy Blog: The Procurement Academy Blog focuses on procurement training and development. It provides educational content, tips, and insights to enhance procurement skills and knowledge.

These blogs offer a wealth of information and resources for procurement professionals and anyone interested in staying updated on the latest trends and best practices in procurement. Let me know if i have missed any important blog to update.

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