Awe inspiring “Nine Arch Bridge” is My Next 11th Travel Inspiration

One of my dream place to visit in future. If you have any life experiences from this place, please do let me know.
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Many travel lovers are always in search of new travel inspiration. However, one of my favorites is Sri Lanka’s “Nine Arch Bridge,” because of its quality of construction and archaeological constitution.

As per my research, it is an old bridge and a favorite destination of many travelers. How do I get to nine arch bridge? it is easy, It is located in Demodara. It is a beautiful railway station surrounded by the beauty of nature. A coal-powered, old-style railroad could be seen entering the tunnel.

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Nine Arch Bridge | Photo by Kseniya Buraya on

The Nine Arch Bridge connects two bog mountains; it is the best example of colonial-era railway construction in the country. Arch Bridge is between Ella and Demodara railway stations. It is now a popular tourist destination around the world, as well as an Instagram sensation. You may have seen many people hanging in the train and capturing a photograph or selfie with the bridge’s panoramic view in the running train.

Ella has God-gifted scenery. Also, people come, get their best hiking experience, and stay for up to a week. Ella has been noted as a tourist hotspot for decades in Sri Lanka. The Nine Arch Bridge spans more than 90 meters and stands 24 meters tall. Therefore, trek lovers won’t miss the chance to visit the place. The reason is simple: a fresh breath of dense jungle makes humans free from stress, and tea farms give them one of the best experiences of trekking.

I enjoy watching and traveling in Sri Lanka’s iconic train. The bridge and jungle are two parts of an international attraction. However, the most important component of these two is the bridge. The Nine Arch Bridge was built in 1941, when the British were in power, and it was uniquely built with rocks and cement, with no use of steel materials. How do I get to nine arch bridge? it is easy

One can walk and take pictures, sit on the bridge and take pictures, or hike under the bridge and explore the area.

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