Free book promotion sites: complete guide for book authors

Here is a complete list of free book promotion sites in India and worldwide for book authors to promote their books.
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Authors can benefit from free book promotion sites or blogs. It is an exclusive offer for book authors for free book promotion in India as well as international authors.

Paid and Free book promotion sites

Promoting a book does not mean informing your friends on the Facebook or Twitter status on your book launch. It is a constant and consistent work of promotion, an expert book reviews and many other things. The same is true when a book is first released. A strategic strategy, not a single tweet, is what makes up book marketing, just like it does for any other commodity. This entails a focused book launch, advertising, media attention, social media focus, reviews, Amazon author sites, and a variety of short-term and long-term strategies.

Best blogs for writers in 2023 | free book promotion sites | guest book blogging
Best blogs for writers in 2023 | free book promotion sites | guest book blogging Best blogs for writers in 2023

People can’t read a book if they don’t know it exists. All authors need to do marketing, regardless of how they published.

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Paid book promotion makes advantage of their network, which also includes influencer marketing, expert book reviews on sibling websites, content publication and paid adverts. However, LKEH offers a free guest blogging for book authors to write on their favourite topics and promote their books, ideas, writing tricks and tips. You can also consider blogs for writers to write and read and promote their bio, social media links and keep their readers motivated.

Why should you select Free Book Promotions sites?

We understand that an aspiring author has to make countless efforts in book marketing. Some days after publishing the book on Amazon Kindle, it gets lots of downloads due to its ranking (not viewing the book continuously).

When the readers read the blog on i’mBiking about your book, and if they want to click the book link and go to Amazon for purchase. As a result, the book receives a spin and improves its ranking on the Amazon Marketplace as a result of the daily traffic it receives.

A few paragraphs in the article and your book blurb help the readers understand the book at a glance and keep them wanting to explore more about the book. The Weekend Reads is one of the few and first book promotion sites in India, driving the initiatives. Thus, you don’t have to worry about “how to promote my book for free.”

In i’mBiking, below are the guidelines for free book promotion sites

  • Sign up, and become a member to enable the submission tools.
  • Write your bio (about 100 to 200 words) in profile section (in dashboard).
  • Your book blurb (which catches the attention of the readers)
  • Few Paragraphs of the first chapter (opening paragraph, we recommend you to submit full chapter)
  • Book front cover should be in JPG (image file should not exceed more than 60 KB. (with aspect ratio 3:2, 3:4, 16:9, 1:1). For feature image (1920×1080) is recommended).
  • Use the below button code to enable “Buy book”, an Amazon book link at the end of the article for readers to buy your book.

After submission, the editor of i’mBiking will review and publish the article about your book with Amazon ratings. They are accepting submissions for free book promotions from all over the world. It may take 24 to 36 hours. If you have any questions, please do hesitate to reach out to us at

See below of free book promotion articles.

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