Best Press Release sites submission in 2023

These top websites, blogs, and digital publications are accepting submission for Press Release. Before submit, check out the guidelines for the respective sites.
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Press release sites submission are platforms that allow individuals, organizations, and businesses to distribute and share their news and announcements with the public. These sites serve as an effective way to reach a wide audience, including journalists, bloggers, and potential customers.

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Here are some popular press release sites submission

  1. PR Newswire
  2. i’mBiking
  3. Business Wire
  4. PRWeb
  5. GlobeNewswire
  6. PRLog
  7. Newswire
  8. Marketwired
  10. PRLeap
  11. OpenPR

These websites offer various features and services, including press release distribution, multimedia support (images, videos), search engine optimization (SEO), analytics, and more. It’s important to note that while some press release sites offer free distribution options, others may require a paid subscription or fee for additional services and wider distribution.

When utilizing press release sites, it’s essential to follow their guidelines and best practices for writing and formatting press releases to ensure maximum visibility and effectiveness.

Submit your permanent press release on i’mBiking at

Correct format for sending self-publish press release to any blog, website or digital publications

[Your Name]
[Your Title/Position]
[Your Organization]
[Contact Information]




[City, State] – [Organization Name], a leading [industry or field] company, is proud to announce [news, event, product launch, achievement, or any other significant information]. This groundbreaking [announcement] marks a major milestone for [Organization Name] and reflects our ongoing commitment to [mission or goal].

[Include a brief overview or background information on the subject of the press release. Provide relevant details that will help readers understand the significance of the announcement.]

[Insert a quote from a company spokesperson or key figure that emphasizes the importance or impact of the announcement.]

[Include additional details, such as key features, benefits, or unique aspects of the announcement. Highlight any relevant statistics, partnerships, or endorsements that further enhance the significance of the news.]

[Add any relevant supporting information, such as customer testimonials, case studies, or expert opinions, that validate the importance or effectiveness of the announcement.]

[Include a call-to-action encouraging readers to take the next step or engage with the organization. This could include visiting a website, contacting a specific person or department, attending an event, or following the company on social media.]

[Conclude the press release with a brief paragraph about the organization, highlighting its expertise, achievements, or future plans.]

[About Organization Name]

[Organization Name] is a [describe the organization, including its industry, specialization, or focus]. With a track record of [mention relevant achievements or milestones], we are committed to [mission or goal]. Through [services, products, or initiatives], we strive to [desired outcome or impact]. For more information, please visit [website URL] or contact [contact information].


[Note for Editors: Include any additional notes or instructions specifically for the editors or media personnel if necessary.]

[Media Contact]
[Your Name]
[Your Title/Position]
[Your Organization]
[Contact Information]

8 Benefits enefits of press release

In summary, here are the 8 key benefits of press releases

  1. Increased visibility and media coverage.
  2. Enhanced brand building and recognition.
  3. Effective reputation management.
  4. Establishment of thought leadership.
  5. SEO benefits for online visibility.
  6. Communication with investors and stakeholders.
  7. Lead generation and business opportunities.
  8. Building and maintaining media relationships.
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