7 food in winter season to better consider

Eating hot food in the winter will not only help you stay healthy, but will also keep you disease-free and younger.
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When you eat hot food in winter season, it will not only help keep you fit, but also keep you disease-free and younger.

It is the coldest month in India, which is battling a deadly cold. In the country, in 2023, the temperature went down to 7 degrees Celsius. Many of us are getting colds and coughs due to the extreme cold weather conditions. It is preferable to alter our way of life, and opting to consume hot in nature foods will bridge this gap. You’ll have more vigour and feel better.

Many countries are facing cold waves in 2023 and many news are on the way.

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In such cold weather, it is common for people to take longer than usual to wake up. Many students and old men are getting sick in January. The latest news from today: Bomb Cyclone Unleashes Deadly Cold Conditions In Much Of US.

In addition, NCB News reported that 46 people would die as a result of the cold by the end of 2022; here is the report.

Eating hot food in winter season and Drink Hot beverages helps a lot

Hot beverages are one of the sources that keep our body warm and safe from cold waves. These include traditional teas and herbal teas. However, herbal teas may help you keep away from the cold and cough, and viral infections. Below is a list of herbal teas you might try this winter.

  1. Black Pepper and clove tea

This tea helps you recover from the winter’s running nose. Sip a cup of tea three times a day and get yourself cured.

  1. Ginger tea + Honey

We are aware that ginger helps in treating harmful bacteria and that adding extra ginger to your regular tea helps you get rid of a sore throat. Ginger with honey gets you relief from your dry and sour throat in just two days.

  1. Lemon grass tea

Lemongrass, also known as Cymbopogon, is an Asian tropical island plant. It helps lower cholesterol, prevent infection, relieve pain, and boost the production of red blood cells.

Add these hot food in winter season into your list in dreadful cold

  1. Nutmeg with warm milk

Nutmeg helps produce extra heat in the body, and it should be taken with warm milk at bedtime. It gives you good sleep, especially when you are sick with a running nose.

  1. Add more garlic and ginger to your meal.

Including garlic and ginger in your lunch helps your body get rid of excess coldness. It has antibacterial properties that fight viral infections.

  1. Egg and chicken both are great source of vitamins, and also increase body heat

Eggs are an instant body heat source. Everyone should eat at least two eggs in the winter. It also gives vital nutrition to the body as well as being a great source of vitamin B12.

Ajwain is one hot food in winter season helps you in many ways

Ajwain is considered one of the best solutions for a running nose. Smoking ajwain can provide immediate relief from the cold, or if that is not possible, it can be used as a mouth freshener throughout the day. Also, use cloves along with it.

Eating and drinking hot foods in cold weather is extremely beneficial during the winter. You may try these once and see what suits you best in the winter.

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