15 Popular food blogs in 2023 to follow

I love cooking and it is one of my hobbies. If you have found any popular food blogs in 2023, please ask me to add to this list.
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I have been following these popular food blogs in 2023 for quite some times. A collection of popular food blogs that were well-known in 2023, according to my knowledge. I am very interested in cooking.

I enjoy experimenting with new recipes at home with my wife and two girls. Saturday and Sunday are my favourite days to cook, especially at home.

I prefer to stay at home and watch a movie in the afternoon. We both argue on what meal to prepare and end up with the most beautiful food on the table, which we devour like mad, thirsty animals. My favourite food is lady finger with chapati, Maharashtra’s most renowned dish Pithala Bhakari, Baigan Bharata, Palak Daal, Veg Pulav, and so on.

Once upon a time, I worked as a cook and was paid for it. There, I had the opportunity to hone my cooking talents, and I eventually became an expert. Those were my collage days, and I was enjoying my life as a busy student. However, I have never attempted to start a food blog.

smartphone by nokia
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I can’t tell you those days back in 2008 were the world of Nokia phone, MP3 mobiles with one Mega pixel camera. Therefore, we were happy in those days, buying trendy earphones, headphones, recharge message packs and 1 GB internet pack was enough and full of stomach. Look at these days, happiness lay somewhere else. relationship, friendship in person is lost in time. We are detached from human touch and prone more in technology.

I call it, a hub of stressful life. However, the technology taught us a lot in very few years. Made our life easy as we have to go out in gym to digest food.

Moreover, choosing correct food is very essential, using poor cooking oil is also one of the major health issues. Jogging and walking are also important to keep ourself fit and fine. Keeping ourself hydrate regularly and trying some green juice also makes difference in our healthy life.

If you are a lover of cooking or eating, I recommended these blogs to go and check our your favourite dishes and spend some time with your family on weekend. Cook, eat what you love, invite your best friends for lunch and spend some quality time. This is a real life to live, spending time alone, the life is hell.

cooked food on a plate | 15 Popular food blogs in 2023
15 Popular food blogs in 2023 | Photo by Thought Catalog on

Here is a list of 15 Popular food blogs in 2023

My famous food blogs I recommend to myself and others to try.

Please note that the numbers I have given as per my choice. The popularity of blogs can change over time, and new ones may have emerged since then. Here are some noteworthy food blogs I follow.

1. Smitten Kitchen (
2. Serious Eats (
3. Bon Appétit (
4. Food52 (
5. The Pioneer Woman (
6. Simply Recipes (
7. Minimalist Baker (
8. Pinch of Yum (
9. Oh She Glows (
10. David Lebovitz (
11. Half Baked Harvest (
12. Joy the Baker (
13. 101 Cookbooks (
14. Love and Lemons (
15. The Kitchn (

It takes years to become a popular food blogger; success does not happen quickly. These blogs cover a wide range of culinary topics, including recipes, cooking techniques, food photography, and more.

You can explore them to find inspiration, new recipes, and interesting food-related content. Remember to check their popularity and current relevance by visiting their websites directly or conducting a quick search online.

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